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5 Spring Cleaning Tips And Tricks

by Oakleaf Team |
26 Apr 2017

 5 Spring Cleaning Tips And Tricks From Oakleaf Management

You could scour the internet for spring cleaning tips and tricks, but your time would be much better served scouring your apartment. That’s why we’ve compiled our five favorite cleaning tips in one place—because the sooner you start cleaning, the sooner it gets done.



We’ll start with the hard one. An uncluttered apartment looks and feels cleaner, longer. If you want to spend less time cleaning, the best way to start is by getting rid of things you no longer need. Start with your bedroom closets and work your way to the front door. Remember, if you haven’t worn it in a year, touched it in six months, or eaten it in three weeks, it probably needs to go.


Give your floors a thorough cleaning.

You may be surprised to learn that the flooring industry recommends vacuuming daily. If that seems excessive, consider this: your carpet does more than make walking more comfortable. It actually serves as a giant air filter that collects the dirt that would otherwise be floating around your home. You can reduce your vacuuming time by taking your shoes off when you enter your home and restricting eating to certain rooms. You can also just hit the high traffic areas most of the time, and do a big once over every six months or so.


Wash bed linens.

How often do you wash your sheets? According to experts, sheets should be washed often—like once a week often—to remove a buildup of dust, sweat, oils and other unmentionables. Only hot water will do it, so make sure you do a full cycle and follow with a hot dryer cycle to take care of any remaining germs. Your comforter only needs to be washed once or twice a year, as long as you avoid sleeping on top or directly beneath it.


Rotate your mattress.

While your bedding is off, give your mattress the once over. Vacuum the top of your mattress using the upholstery attachment, the soft-bristled brush that often accompanies your machine. Not all mattresses need to be flipped, but all should be rotated every six months. (You’ll know you have a rotate-only one if one side is drastically different from the other). Rotating your mattress regularly and keeping it covered with a quality mattress pad will ensure even wear and extend its life.


Show mildew who is boss.

Cleaning bathrooms are no fun, and mildew is the worst. Who has time to individually scrub grout lines and tub seams? No one. Your biggest defense against this tedious chore to make sure mildew isn’t welcome in the first place. This means improving air circulation, keeping surfaces dry, and hanging towels on bars instead of hooks to promote faster drying. Consider using a squeegee to help remove water from the walls of your shower; every little bit helps. There are many ways to clean grout, but one effective method is to use a 50-50 solution of chlorine bleach and water and a grout brush.

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