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5 Facts About Renting From Oakleaf Property Management

by Oakleaf Team |
16 May 2019


Oakleaf Property Management has more than 1,260 apartments for rent spread over 26 locations in 15 towns and cities. We’ve been around for a while; we’ve been serving renters in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota for 15 years. We offer residents all types of apartments from one-room to units with two and three bedrooms plus outdoor living space! 

Our residents love living in our gorgeous facilities for a number of reasons. Here are just five awesome features we offer: 

  1. Applications are always free. We never charge a courtesy fee for those applying to live in one of our complexes. In fact, we make it easy to get an application. You can download, review and print a PDF rental application from our website and mail or fax it directly to us. Or, fill out an online form and we will mail the materials to you for you to return to our address at 1019 Jones St., Sioux City, IA 51105. 
  2. Ability to check out our facilities online. We feature each of our housing units on our website. Simply click on any facility in Iowa, Sioux City, Nebraska or South Dakota and browse photos and review amenities right from our website. You may also request more information about a specific apartment community from the same page. 
  3. Applicants can keep their assets. While we specialize in providing affordable, quality houses, applicants with assets, cash, savings, stocks or annuities may still qualify for housing. We can take you through every step required to acquire housing assistance and point you to local resources and programs that give you and your loved ones an increased level of independence. We make finding housing assistance easy for you because we handle all the red tape. In fact, it is far easier than what most people think. 
  4. Some properties qualify for housing assistance. We can work with your housing assistance through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Section 8 and also vouchers. Programs differ from state to state so to find out more, select a property we manage and simply fill out an Oakleaf Rental Application to get all the information you need. It is as easy as that. 
  5. We offer amazing amenities at affordable prices. We’re committed to our residents’ comfort and satisfaction. And, while services vary from community to community, most have senior and disabled assistance, package receiving, grocery and pharmacy pick-up and delivery, transportation, dry cleaning pick-up and delivery and pet-friendly communities. 

Don’t wait, download an application today to start living your new life with us. 

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