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7 Ways The Service Coordinator Program Helps Your Resident

22 Jan 2018

7 Ways The Service Coordinator Program Helps Your Resident.jpg

At Oakleaf Property Management, we value each staff member. The Community Manager who builds camaraderie among residents, the handyman who replaces that squeaky faucet, even the woman who makes the daily coffee. Our hats go off to one position (and program) in particular: the Service Coordinator Program. 

Here are the reasons how these highly-trained individuals are constantly working to provide your resident with the best care possible.


  1. A Service Coordinator works for you, for free.

The Service Coordinator empowers each resident to be involved in activities and events within the community, and also facilitate support services in the surrounding area. All funds for the program generously come from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Oakleaf Property Management. All you have to do to qualify is live within an Oakleaf community. (Locations include our senior/disabled properties. Those located at family or non-HUD properties, please see your Community Manager or Corporate Office for a referral.)


  1. The Service Coordinator is on site.

The Service Coordinators are the gatekeepers to the community. They have access to all community events and the best local services for your resident. The town has been their home, too, and they want to make it feel even more like a home to your resident. One-on-one meetings or even accompanying a resident is not unusual, as the Service Coordinator will consistently advocate for your resident’s best interests. If the relative of a resident would like a family member to attend a meeting, they are more than welcome to participate.


  1. Service Coordinators are certified.

Oakleaf Property Management’s Service Coordinator Program is certified by the American Association of Service Coordinators. The association’s members work with low income, the disabled, and the elderly. Our Service Coordinators are all members of the AASC, and have been trained by their guidelines.


  1. Service Coordinators are there when you need them – and when you don’t.

Needs are being conveniently and consistently met by a Service Coordinator. However, if your resident doesn’t require legal, medical, or financial services – then there are other ways that the Service Coordinator can help, or build the relationship your resident has with the community.


  1. Service Coordinators keep you in communication.

In order to keep you and your loved one in the loop, a Service Coordinator will keep all parties involved of any changes in a resident’s physical and mental situation, and educate families about community services in the area. For families who live farther away, the Service Coordinator will act as a liaison to surrounding service providers.


  1. A Service Coordinator helps you save.

Many assisted living facilities are sky-high when it comes to prices. Our Service Coordinators provide an affordable long-term option that can help save thousands of dollars.


  1. To serve and create self-reliance is the goal of all Service Coordinators.

Service Coordinators want to enhance resident independence – but they do not provide support services directly. Our program wants to ensure that every resident can still live an independent lifestyle according to their needs.


Oakleaf Property Management’s Service Coordinators are the hardworking members at Cathedral Square Apartments, Greenridge Apartments, West Park Rapid Apartments, West Park Sioux City Apartments & Martin Tower Apartments, Kingston and ShireApartments, Centennial Manor, Woodland Park Apartments, Century and Ridgewood Apartments, Rosewood Apartments, Lakeland Park Apartment, Town Square & Western Heights Apartments.


For more information on Oakleaf Property Management’s Service Coordinator Program, please click here


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