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Offering quality and affordable family, senior and disabled living. We take pride in our services that focus on providing quality and affordable housing throughout the tri-state region.
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See What Oakleaf Has to Offer

17 Mar 2020

Oakleaf Property Management is the top company in Siouxland for quality, affordable housing options for families, seniors and the disabled. We provide housing assistance for people with low and moderate incomes and often work with government programs, like HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development. If these are the type of housing options you’re looking for in your next home, consider visiting one of our locations and see what Oakleaf has to offer. Here are some questions to answer to help you make the most of your visit: 


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New Year, More Personable You

21 Jan 2020

A house is made up of four walls and a roof but it becomes a home from the relationships that fill it. If you’ve recently moved, it’s a great idea to get to know your neighbors and help build a strong community around you. According to Help Guide, healthy friendships offer many benefits including: 


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All-Time Best Recipes for the Holidays

12 Nov 2019


The holidays are here and that means it’s time to set the table with all of your favorite foods. Roasted turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, marshmallowy sweet potato casserole, savory salads, rich chocolates and Christmas cookies are what make the holidays magical. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best of best recipes to help you make holiday season 2019 the most memorable one yet. 


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Oakleaf Has Your Family's Next Home

13 Sep 2019

You may know of Oakleaf Property Management as the area’s premier affordable housing for the elderly and disabled, but did you know we also have great housing options for families? We have more than 1,268 apartments spread over 26 locations, many of which are perfect for families 


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We're Proud To Work With HUD, State, And Local Housing Programs

31 Jul 2019

At Oakleaf Property Management, we take pride in offering quality, affordable housing options for families, seniors and the disabled. In fact, we provide housing assistance for people with low and moderate incomes and often work with government programs, like HUD. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, is responsible for national policies and programs that address our country's housing needs, including those available to our renters in lowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska.


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Say Goodbye To Winter By Getting Fresh This Spring

25 Feb 2019

Winter always feels like the longest season of the year, and for those of us in the Midwest, it usually is! But even though temperatures are still fluctuating from freezing to manageable and snow could fall at any time, spring IS just around the corner. Instead of waiting for the weather to turn, get a jumpstart on this season of renewal by freshening up your apartment. 


New Year, New Community: Our Top Places to Live in 2019

17 Jan 2019

A new year is the perfect time to make a fresh start. Maybe you desire the slower pace of small-town life or perhaps you want to move closer to friends or family? Whatever the reason, we’ve got a community you will love.


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Spotlight: Woodland Apartments

15 Nov 2018

Located about 20 miles east of I-29 on Hwy. 30, Woodbine, Iowa is a picturesque town that offers the best benefits of rural life, while still being close to big city amenities. Residents enjoy strolling along the brick streets of its historic Main Street and hiking along nature trails at the Willow Lake Recreation Area or traveling less than an hour to appointments or shopping in Council Bluffs or Omaha. Woodbine is also the home of our Woodland Apartment facility.


Iowa Apartments, Living At Oakleaf PM, Apartment Spotlights, Woodbine, Woodland Apartments

Ready To Move? 5 Tips To Speed Up The Application Process

05 Sep 2018

You’re finally ready to ditch mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters and shoveling snow and trade it all in for the convenience of apartment living. Congratulations! Apartments offer living in prime locations like near shopping districts and public transit lines, plus multiple amenities, security and, of course, affordability. Oakleaf Property Management makes it pretty easy to apply to live in one, but you can make the application process even faster by following these five steps. You’ll be in the home of your dreams before you know it!


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Organize Your Small Space On The Cheap

10 May 2018

When you’re living in less than 1,000 square feet, every inch of it needs to be used as efficiently as possible. There are several, inexpensive ways to organize your apartment that are not only aesthetically pleasing but can make your daily living easier and more pleasurable.



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