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Feel the Love: Why Karla Hearts Oakleaf PM

02 Feb 2016


For our February article, we wanted to shine a spotlight on a Community Manager who truly loves her job, and it shows.

After seven years with Oakleaf, Karla Bohle has learned a thing or two about helping applicants get housing assistance and helping current residents make the most of their apartment homes. In fact, knowing that every day will be different and she will learn something new is part of what gets her out of bed each morning. Well, that and her vintage analog alarm clock.

Karla is currently a community manager at Somerset Apartments, our featured homes in Holstein, Iowa, where there is a rare opportunity to apply for a move-in ready apartment (apply here to start the process). In addition to Somerset, Karla manages two other Oakleaf properties, Kingston Apartments in Kingsley and Shire Apartments in Sioux City.

Even with the different properties and towns, there is a unifying thread that ties it all together. “Oakleaf will do everything possible to help make our communities your home,” she said. “We make a point to take care of our residents, from changing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries to taking care of snow removal and lawn care. We take care of the buildings and apartments so that residents can sit back and enjoy what life has to offer.” 

And part of what life has to offer is an Oakleaf Property Manager dedicated to making sure paperwork is handled appropriately, maintenance requests are completed, and residents are satisfied with their care.

What Karla has noticed in her tenure as both a Service Coordinator and Building Manager is that every town is powered by a great sense of community pride. From Kingsley’s active Main Street to Holstein’s close-knit neighborhoods, Oakleaf properties are a way to make sure everyone has access to quality, affordable housing in these friendly and bustling towns.

Oakleaf Properties has 1268 apartment homes in 26 locations in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Will your next home be one of them? Apply today.


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