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Spotlight: Rosewood Heights Apartments

12 Mar 2018

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Rosewood Heights Apartments is more than just living space for those 62 and older or living with a disability, it is a community that extends far beyond its walls. While its dedicated staff provides daily interaction, volunteers, school groups, conservation organizations, churches and other nonprofits also spend valuable time at Rosewood Heights. In fact, more than once a week a Rock Rapids community member spends time with the residents of Rosewood Heights Apartments.


“I have the most awesome job,” acknowledged Katie Olsen, service coordinator for Rosewood Heights. Katie's passion for helping the elderly started early in her career when she first trained to be a cosmetologist. She enjoyed working with her elderly clients and found that same satisfaction as a service coordinator for Rosewood Heights.


It's not just Katie who loves to interact with Rosewood Heights' elderly residents; there are many organizations that frequently get involved. It isn't uncommon to find kindergarteners and volunteers spending evenings at Rosewood. Despite the difference in ages, everyone enjoys to play bingo, cards or even to learn about animals when the Lyon County Conservation hosts a program. The Lyon County Conservation also collaborated on a field day for the residents that included fishing and eating hamburgers and hot dogs. A local church bussed the residents to and from the event.


Religious institutions are heavily involved with Rosewood. Twice a year, a local apostolic church provides commodities to Rosewood, like orange juice, crackers, soups, and more. Whatever is left over, is given to the daycare. Youth groups play board games with residents throughout the week. Once a month, a church will provide a potluck night for the residents. And, if that wasn't enough, ATLAS, a Christian-based center for counseling, mentoring, clothing, furniture, holds a monthly food drive for the residents.


Rosewood's community is small — 33 of the 56 apartments are filled — but everyone is friendly with each other. Residents are quick to lend a hand whenever someone is in need, either for some spare change or a ride. Improvements are also frequently made, like the new elevator that was just installed. Rosewood Heights feels like home for many of the residents.


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